It's hard to imagine anyone but Luke Bryan making 'Drunk on You' one of country music's 2012 summertime smashes, but according to Jason Aldean, he had first dibs on the sexy mid-tempo track. Aldean ultimately turned down the tune because it didn't fit the sonic direction of his latest album, 'Night Train.'

During his recent SiriusXM Town Hall event, Aldean told the story of the song that got away, sharing, "Actually when we were looking for songs for this 'Night Train' album, my producer and I were flying out to Las Vegas and he was playing me some songs that he had found. I was really in the mindset of trying to find like up tempos and these big, rockin' sort of songs."

'The Only Way I Know' singer added, "So he's playing me these songs and I heard this one song that I dug but it wasn't really what I was looking for at the time and just kind of tossed it aside like, 'eh, it's okay,' but it's a song that goes ... 'Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom, dancin' on...' You know?"

"So I passed on it, my brother got it and had a big ol' hit off of it," Aldean said, referencing Bryan's chart-topping double platinum single. "So ... but yeah, that happens quite a bit."

There seemed to be no hesitation in Aldean's voice when recalling the tale, partly because the singer knows that passing on a song that later becomes a huge hit for another artist is inevitable in the country music community. In fact, one of his own chart-topping classics also received the cold shoulder from one of his superstar buddies.

"But again, it happened with a song that we had. 'Big Green Tractor' was pitched to Jake Owen, he passed on it, we got it and four-week number one with it," Aldean shared of his good fortune. "I think certain songs like that fall into the right hands for a reason. That song was a big song for Luke and may not have even ever been a single for us so it landed where it was supposed to."

Aldean and Bryan may have differed on their opinions of 'Drunk on You,' but the two hitmakers recognized the potential in 'The Only Way I Know,' the second single from Aldean's 'Night Train' album. It was there hat they joined forces with Eric Church for the thunderous country rocker, which currently sits at No. 15 on the Country Airplay chart.

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