Jason Michael Carroll’s dad, Jim, served in the Marines, so he went to his hometown VA hospital for tests and treatment when he was struggling to breathe. The singer and his parents are now furious after learning from another hospital that he was a "ticking time bomb" that the Durham VA was waiting to treat.

Carroll shared the beginnings of his father’s journey on his Facebook page, linking to a report Raleigh, N.C. television station WRAL aired. The ‘Alyssa Lies’ singer recalls how his father was repeatedly told to come back weeks later for further tests, despite alarmingly high blood pressure. After another "episode," he went to the emergency room at WakeMed, where doctors told him he needed surgery as soon as possible.

WRAL reports that Jim Carroll had a procedure to open up a blocked artery one year ago at the VA hospital, but didn’t have a follow-up until this summer, when he was struggling to breathe. His famous son reveals that his father has COPD, and if he didn’t have surgery, his time would be very short.

Updates throughout the week show the surgery was mostly successful. “They weren't able to bypass all four, but they did three and said it went as they expected, given his condition and health concerns," Carroll writes on his Facebook page.

On Sunday night (Sept. 21), the singer shared that his father may be able to go home soon.

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