Jason Michael Carroll turned to social media to share his frustration over a dispute with his ex over their kids that has turned nasty.

The "Alyssa Lies" singer posted to Instagram on Aug. 4 to vent over what he says is his ex-wife's vindictive refusal to let him see their kids despite what he says is a court ordered custody agreement.

The singer and his current wife evidently have new bank accounts that Carroll was trying to set up online, and he shared a series of texts via Facebook that he says reflect the difficulty in getting his ex to cooperate about anything. In the texts, he appears to be asking her for her bank account information so he can make a direct transfer of money to her, and also reminds her that they are supposed to meet at a certain place to exchange their kids for his visitation per a court order. The exchange ends with her finally saying, "Mail me the check & don't text me anymore," with him repeatedly explaining that he is trying to get money to her.


"This is me trying to communicate and get my ex wife's bank account info so I can deposit my child support," he writes. "If it's this difficult to 'pay' her, imagine how difficult it is to actually get my time with my kids! We have never been 'great' together but I had hoped that eventually she wouldn't use the kids the way she has."

He adds that they can't even speak on the phone because their relationship is so bad, saying, "Her game is getting back at me."

Carroll also claims that his ex will let him arrange visits with his children by texting them, but then grounds them from their phones if they communicate too much with him.

"Reluctantly I have tried to organize meeting my kids, with them directly. NO KIDS SHOULD EVER BE PUT IN THAT SITUATION," he writes, also claiming that he had to wait two-and-a-half hours to try to pick up his kids, only to be told their uncle was going to bring them to his house, When he drove the half hour back home, Carroll says his daughter then texted to say the uncle was no longer going to bring them.

"I know that ALL Fathers may not be very involved with their kids, but I have always tried to be, constantly getting refused and neglected by my ex and the 'Good Ole Boy' Granville County Court System," Carroll states. "I know there are other Fathers out there getting their time stolen by a vindictive ex and there needs to be some group or something to help make sure this doesn't happen to them. It's too late for me. I'm just hoping I can bring attention to this horrible situation and help others going through it. I'm tired."

Carroll's hits include "Livin' Our Love Song" and "Where I'm From." He released his most recent album, What Color Is Your Sky, in 2015, featuring the single "God Only Knows." He has three kids with his ex-wife, and Caroll and his current wife, Wendy, also have a son.

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