Jason Michael Carroll’s "God Only Knows" doesn’t just ask for forgiveness, it begs. The single pleads for mercy — like on hands and knees with teary eyes mercy.

It’s a convincing performance. The song is the second single released from a new album, and it’s the type of emotional story that his fans have embraced throughout his career.

“What was I thinking coming home at a quarter after three / With a chip on my shoulder, letting whiskey speak for me / Well you packed bags and when you looked back I sat and watched you go / What was I thinking / God only knows,” Carroll sings.

The verses blend smoothly into the chorus and vice-versa. The title line “God Only Knows” isn’t a wasted exclamation. God only knows, he says, if she’ll come back. God only knows if he’ll recover if she doesn’t.

“How much I love you / What I’d give for a second chance / I’d swallow my pride / Stay by your side / Never let go again / And I don’t know if you don’t come back how I’ll make it on my own / What was I thinking / God only knows.”

“God Only Knows” is a country-rocker, but it’s not as edgy as some of Carroll’s previous singles. Sonically, the heavy backing vocalists stand out as unique. The production is something of a throwback to a sound from the ‘90s or early ’00s. Much of the rest of the album follows suit.

Why Fans Will Love It: Carroll's sturdy voice shows no cracks. The sharply-written song is performed with urgency.

Key Lyrics: “God only knows if I’ve lost everything / God only knows if you’ll come back to me / God only knows.” 

Did You Know?: Carroll launched a Kickstarter campaign to record his new What Color Is Your Sky? album. It's set for release on May 5.

Listen to Jason Michael Carroll, "God Only Knows"