Although Taylor Swift has seemingly moved on from the memorable 2009 shocker when rapper Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech at the VMAs, it appears that West and his friends will never ever get over it. Music mogul Jay-Z calls out Swift on 'The Great Gatsby' film soundtrack.

According to New York Daily News, Jay-Z, the executive producer of said soundtrack, takes a stand in support of his best friend (West) on the song '100$ Bill.' The lyrics are pointed, stating, "That cheese made us constipated couldn't tell us s—." He adds, "Took that, Taylor Swift to a hundred f—ing million, b—." It seems that he's trying to point out that money can't make celebrities behave well and he may also be implying that the incident made Swift even more of a superstar.

While it sounds like the 'Begin Again' hitmaker is truly beginning again after that awful incident in 2009, as she uses it as motivation and a reminder of her journey to the top, it's obvious that some of her fellow entertainers jut can't let it go. West is certainly stuck on the past, as he ripped on the songstress at a headlining show recently, and Jay-Z clearly doesn't believe that past is...past. Unless, of course, his comments were all in jest.

Swift seems to be doing just fine, even with all the 'Mean' jabs. She's currently on her 2013 Red Tour, and is even taking to the small screen on the season finale of 'New Girl.' Although lots of sparks are flying her way from the two rappers, the 23-year-old just needs to keep her eyes focused on her own career, and remember she has millions of fans worldwide who will stand behind her.