Jelly Roll's wife Bunnie drew a comparison that we just can't unsee. The country singer has been letting his hair go long for awhile now, and he's starting to look a lot like the star of a cult film classic.

This isn't the first time someone has picked on the "Need a Favor" singer about his hair. Jelly Roll visited the Taste of Country Nights studio last fall, and we asked him about his haircut. At the time, he admitted it was getting a little wild.

"It's a beautiful thing," he said. "I've been working on this thing for awhile dude."

On her YouTube page, Bunnie went a step further:

Jelly Roll's wife saw a comment from someone who said he looks like Harry from the 1987 film Harry and the Hendersons. Don't apologize if you've not seen the John Lithgow film — it made about $30 million in America and is remembered as more of an amusing cult classic than anything else.

Harry — played by Kevin Peter Hall — was a Sasquatch who lived with the Hendersons. Here is is side-by-side with Jelly Roll:

attachment-jelly harry hendersons
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To his credit, Jelly Roll embraced the dig and doubled down on his long hair.

"Let it grow, baby!" he says when asked what his plan is.

"I'm a human Chia Pet. Just put water on me papa," he adds. Jelly's look is mullet-like, so we added some of our favorite country music mullets below.

Country Music's Greatest Mullets

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