Jelly Roll made more than 7,500 kids happy last weekend, but if he has his way, they'll never know about it. If he had his way, you'd never know about it, either.

The "Save Me" singer backed a semi-truck full of toys up to the Last Minute Toy Store, an organization that donates toys to Middle Tennessee children during the holidays. Social media posts shared by the group and people associated reveal the truck contained 10 pallets of toys and bikes.

It all happened two months after he announced what he called the biggest toy drive in Nashville history, but he was referring to a totally separate event.

  • On Oct. 20 Jelly Roll announced a toy drive at a Franklin, Tenn., Walmart. A performance was part of that event.
  • Jelly Roll's donation to the Last Minute Toy Store in Nashville happened last week.
  • Talking to media after the CMA Awards, he shared that it was his daughter Bailee's dream. He donated $100,000 for the first event.

"I didn't see anything on social media about it," writes Erik Levin on Facebook. "No press, no need ... I want the world to know."

"The The Last Minute Toy Store needed some gifts for 7,675 kids... Jelly Roll sent over a TRACTOR TRAILER... and DUNKED it."

Indeed, there is nothing about this toy drive on Jelly Roll's Instagram page. Nashville's sheriff also shared a photo alongside an older picture of him with the Antioch, Tenn., native.

Since finding success in country music, Jelly Roll (real name Jason DeFord) has spent lots of time and money supporting causes he believes in. This has included scholarships and funding for programs at local juvenile detention centers.

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Calling Nashville a town that people take from, he told the Tennessean, "As a local kid, I felt like it was important to start addressing the problem hands-on, at a community level."

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