Jennette McCurdy makes a statement about the future of tomorrow with her positive, heart-warming new music video, 'Generation Love.'

From high above the city, with a blue sky at her back, McCurdy sings about yesterday, today, and tomorrow, while young people are seen walking the streets below carrying symbols of love in their hands. No, things aren't the way they used to be, but McCurdy ensures that her age group can pull through to make the world a better place. The boys and girls hold up signs that state what they're doing to make a difference, like 'I feed the hungry,' 'I read to the blind,' and 'I recycle.'

Throughout the video, the young characters give heart balloons to the older people of the city, and at the end, the balloons are unleashed into the sky -- symbolizing the bridging of the gap between old and new. Sure, McCurdy says, the younger generation is connected, but not just to their iPhones. They're also tied at the heart strings, open-minded and full of compassion.

At only 18-years-old, McCurdy -- who portrays Sam on the popular Nickelodeon kid's show iCarly -- is paving the way for a more positive world. With her 'Generation Love' video, the budding young country star brushes the dust off of what's typical and ordinary, and opens a door towards innovative and impressionable.

Watch the Jennette McCurdy 'Generation Love' Video