Up-and-coming country singer Jennette McCurdy is spreading the love with her new single, 'Generation Love.'  The song is slower in tempo and truly showcases McCurdy's vocals. As the melody of the song builds towards the chorus, a banjo joins the mix of twangy guitars and beating drums, giving the song a true country feel.

As McCurdy sings the heartfelt lyrics to 'Generation Love,' she takes listeners on a journey through the years. In the first verse, she sings about her mom's days as a flower child and her grandpa growing up poor during the Depression.

As the sweet song continues into its second verse, McCurdy begins to ponder what people in the future will say about her generation, as she addresses issues that surround kids her age.

"Victims of dysfunction / We spell check, of course / And GPS the proper junction / We got it 'pretty good' / Shifting all the blame / But I think I hear an old song / Calling my new name / Generation love / Not generation lost / Or generation greed / Or they connect the generation / To a plasma screen / Or a generation why enough is not enough / Or maybe they’ll call us / Generation love."

Towards the end of 'Generation Love,' the song truly turns into a singalong, as McCurdy's bandmates lend their vocals to a series of "woah woahs." This coda will truly get concert attendees chanting along on her nationwide mall tour to benefit the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

'Generation Love' will be appear on McCurdy's forthcoming country album, with a title that has yet to be released. Stay tuned with Taste of Country for more updates on her LP.

Listen to Jennette McCurdy, 'Generation Love'