For her final solo performance of the 'CMA Country Christmas' show on Thursday night, host Jennifer Nettles offered a cover of the inspirational Irving Berlin ballad 'Count Your Blessings.'

The ABC special was filmed not long before Nettles gave birth to a baby boy, and the singer looked beautiful in a tight gown that revealed her baby bump. The song was perfect for the occasion, with lyrics reminding listeners to appreciate the good things in their lives. It also gave Nettles a chance to show off her voice as she sang, "When my bankroll is getting small / I think of when I had none at all / And I fall asleep / Counting my blessings." Midway through the song, she looked ahead to 2013 and offered her best wishes to everyone for the new year.

Nettles had earlier kicked off the show with a Broadway-esque rendition of 'Naughty Would Be Nice for Christmas.' In an interview before the 'Count Your Blessings' performance, she laughed as she spoke about someday being able to show her child footage from this night and tell him, "Your crazy mom went out and did this shortly before you were born!"

Magnus Hamilton Miller was born Dec. 6, 2012.

Watch Jennifer Nettle Perform 'Count Your Blessings'