Despite being dubbed too "syrupy" on occasion by his 'Duets' mentoring peers, John Glosson remained true to his aesthetic for his duet with Jennifer Nettles, performing a piano-driven version of 'For Good' from the wildly-popular Broadway music 'Wicked.' Though last week's voting determined tonight's winner, did Glosson and Nettles' take on the big ballad impress the remaining judges during the season finale?

"You have such a beautiful voice," remarked an emotional Kelly Clarkson. "You all blended so well together -- and good song choice!"

Likewise, John Legend was nearly moved to tears by the beautiful performance. "I'm about to cry again," confessed the 'Ordinary People' singer. "That was special. You've been such a gift to the show and a gift to America."

"Obviously, you have the voice and the spirit, too," said Robin Thicke. "I don't know if I'm the stream or the boat, but I feel like that song is how we all feel about this journey. I'm changed 'For Good' after this show."

Much like her celebrity mentor peer, Nettles' feels her participation with 'Duets,' and her blossoming relationship with her hometown protege has strengthened her outlook on life, both professionally and personally.

"John has reminded me of family and of community," acknowledged the Sugarland lead singer. The realization is particularly timely, considering her recent announcement that she and her husband are expecting their first child later this year.

"Nine weeks ago, I thought my life was set," confessed Glosson just before taking the stage. "For something like this to happen out of the blue -- this journey has been like a roller coaster."

When it comes to his aspirations post 'Duets,' the Georgia native hopes to continue his career in music. "I want to sing for my life," admitted Glosson. If the young hopeful is named the winner, Glosson will receive a recording contract with Hollywood Records.