"We're ready for a show!" said Jennifer Nettles, just before taking the stage with her second singing partner John Glosson. After a mixed reaction from the judges following their performance in the first live episode of 'Duets' last week, the talented two performed the Ray Charles classic 'Georgia on My Mind' as a tribute to their home state of Georgia. Did the two make their hometown of Douglas, Ga. -- and the remaining three celebrity mentors proud?

"That was amazing," gushed Robin Thicke. "That song was perfect for your voice. Jennifer did an amazing job, too."

Technical issues kept Kelly Clarkson from enjoying the performance fully, but the Texas native gave Glosson the benefit of the doubt considering his good standing in the top half of the contestants this season. "In all honesty, I'm looking forward to watching you on television," admitted the singer, referencing a microphone issue. "I could tell you were singing the heck out of it."

"That was the perfect amount, you know," said John Legend, referring to the amount of "syrup" involved in this week's performance. The singer panned Glosson last week, telling the young hopeful that he felt the performance was too syrupy.

"I love pancakes and I love going to the Waffle House in Georgia," Legend added playfully.

When it comes to landing in the Top 3, Glosson believes the top prize is still up for grabs for any of the four remaining contestants. "It's anyone's chance to win," said the singer. "I'm doing my thing one day at a time."

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Watch Jennifer Nettles & John Glosson Perform 'Georgia on My Mind'