"He's got the soul, he's got the voice and he's got the emotion," said Jennifer Nettles of J Rome, her first of two contestants chosen to take the stage with Sugarland's leading lady during tonight's premiere of 'Duets.'

The young hopeful and the dynamic Nettles took the stage first tonight to perform Sugarland's hit 'Tonight,' which appears on the duo's latest release, 'The Incredible Machine.' Their onstage chemistry was undeniable, but how did the performance resonate with the other three judges?

"This guy is really phenomenal," John Legend confessed. "You really look and sound like a star!"

Soul singer Robin Thicke added a similar sentiment. "That's the way to kick off a season of Duets!" said Thicke. A quick-talking Kelly Clarkson also had nothing but praise for the soul performance, proclaiming, "Y'all were great!"

The performance received universal praise despite recent complications, after the young hopeful had his tonsils removed. "I couldn't talk, I couldn't sing, I couldn't do anything," J Rome revealed when asked about the scary ordeal. Judging by tonight's performance, it seems as though he has made a full, healthy recovery.

What did you think about Nettles' and J Rome's performance of 'Tonight'? Let your opinions be heard!

Watch Jennifer Nettles and J Rome Perform 'Tonight'