Jerrod Niemann is keeping his schedule packed! The "Drink to That All Night" singer played the 2015 ToC Music Festival at Hunter Mountain, and opened up about some new music that he's really looking forward to letting fans hear.

Niemann hasn't just been playing shows like the jam-packed festival in upstate New York, he's also been working on new music. Niemann's been collaborating with Jimmie Sloas on the new tunes. It seems the two are a match made in heaven.

"I haven't really written hardly anything on this," he explains. "I've been sent so many cool songs and there's one in particular that I'd love for you to hear. It's not going to be the first single, but it's called 'God Made a Woman.' Jeff Hyde is one of the writers on it, and a guy named Joel Shewmake. It's a special song, [I'm] lucky to have it."

Niemann hasn't officially picked his next single yet, but he is leaning toward going in a more natural direction with a tune. The "Lover Lover" singer says a song called "Blue Bandana" may be the next song fans hear from him on the radio.

"I think our new single is going to be more organic. 'Lover Lover,' 'One More Drinkin' Song' — some of those songs have a lot of acoustic sounds ... there's a song that seems like everybody's gravitating towards called 'Blue Bandana.' It's not 100 percent sure, we're going to knock this out on Monday. We're going to try it today."

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