Jerrod Niemann is getting into the Christmas spirit by changing some of the lyrics around for the Mistletoe Mix of his current single, 'One More Drinkin' Song.'

"I was in the studio with some friends," Niemann tells Taste of Country about the day he reworked the lyrics of the song he co-wrote with Richie Brown. "We were in the studio recording, and someone brought up doing a Christmas version of a drinking song. I though, ehh … sometimes when people do that, it backfires and it doesn’t really work. It can be really goofy or silly. Then I realized that 'yellow snow' and 'mistletoe' rhymed, and since our song’s already silly [laughs], that inspired me to finish the rest of the song."

"Today I wanted to write a tune / To get you in that Christmas mood / So if you’re stuck in traffic or some check out line / Or up in the attic untangling Christmas lights," he rewrote in the opening lyrics.

"I knew if I couldn’t find anything that was funny or ridiculous, then I don’t want to write it," Niemann recalls. "Within 30 minutes, we were bouncing off ideas and laughing. It just kind of came out of nowhere."

"So here’s to naughty and here’s to nice / Hopin’ Santa won’t check his list twice / And here’s to the elves and the toys they’ve made / While all of us are just tryin’ to get sleighed," Niemann sings in the song.

"I was wondering if I could pull it off for a while," Niemann says with a grin. "Then I was thinking it still is Christmas, and there’s going to be a fine line … I may have already crossed it somewhere in the song, but I was just trying to be respectful of the holiday, but at the same time also try to make people smile during the holidays."

'One More Drinkin' Song (Mistletoe Mix)' is currently available for purchase on iTunes.