'Only God Could Love You More' is a song that doesn't leave many places for Jerrod Niemann to hide. The second single from 'Shinin' on Me' is vulnerable a la 'Stay' by Sugarland. Niemann steps up to the challenge and delivers what should be his biggest hit. This could be a career-defining song.

Niemann wrote the cut with good friends Lee Brice and Jon Stone. Credit the men for dropping machismo and for not overthinking an idea so pure. Each line in the 'Only God Could Love You More' verses is but four or five words long, but the emotional strain in the singer's voice fills in the story with blue heartache.

"The things you say / They hit me with a right sometimes / Hit me with a left sometimes / But I'm still standing," he sings to begin the track. Guitar harmonics and a few scant percussion instruments are all that open the song before a delicate piano dances around Niemann's voice.

'Only God Could Love You More' refrains from growing into a tidal wave of emotion. Towards the final chorus it swells, but ultimately pulls back before spoiling the captivating, understated tone.

The chorus goes:

"So know you are not alone / I am in this too / This is us, this is me and you / So go, turn and walk out that door / I hope you find what you're lookin' for / Just know only God could love you more than I do."

The song is somewhat lost in the flash and style of other tracks on 'Shinin' With Me.' As a radio single, one is able to appreciate his story better. Despite a second verse that hints at a breakup, it's easy to imagine this as a popular love song to dance to for years to come.

Listen to Jerrod Niemann, 'Only God Could Love You More'