Jessie James has the voice and the passion to be a force in country music, she just needs the right song. Her new single 'Military Man' will find a special place in the hearts of military families, but that audience -- while important -- isn't large enough to make the song a national hit on country radio.

This is the most honest song James has released. The story fits her like a comfy sweater, and not just because it's her story. It no doubt helps to know the life of a girl who moves from school to school, city to city every summer, but it's her optimism for that next new group of friends and the possibilities ahead that make 'Military Man' an endearing track.

"I'm the daughter of a military man / It's the way of life that I understand / And I'm so proud to say / Made me who I am today / I hope down the road I find a real good man / Who's done half the things that my daddy has / And it's a beautiful place / My sweet American dream," she sings in the chorus.

It's a risk to release a song that's autobiographical, as often the story is so personal it becomes inaccessible. In the big picture, only a small portion of country fans can relate to the second verse, or even bend the lyrics to their own experience. "We'll lay out back, lookin' up at the sky / Watching F-15's scream on by / While me and my brother and sister would play outside / Shopping at the commissary, dancing at the military ball / Yeah we did it all."

Country music is about stories fans can relate to. Emotional lyrics and a brilliant vocal performance (especially late in this four minute cut) prove James is on the right track, but it's hard to see this song competing with others that cast a wider net.

Listen to Jessie James, 'Military Man'