Three-month-old Kase Townes Murray can do anything he wants, except ride a bull. The son of Jewel and professional bull rider Ty Murray may be inclined to follow in his daddy's footsteps -- especially after watching events like this weekend's PBR World Finals -- but Murray says they'll do everything to stop him.

“It’s the most dangerous sport in the world," Murray tells PEOPLE. "It would give me and Jewel gray hair instantly.” Not many parents would be excited to watch their first born go battle with a 1,800 pound beast.

“It’s our job to protect him and shepherd him the best we can if that’s what he really wants to do,” the one-time 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant adds. “It would be the hardest thing in the world for me -- I can’t think of anything worse!”

Jewel will stay home this weekend while Dad travels to Las Vegas for the "world series" of bull riding. The 42-year-old is retired from competition, so there's no risk of injury, but there's still plenty for the wife of a bull-rider to worry about. “I hear a lot of women and girls who come to our events say that the bull riders are cute or that they have amazing bodies,” Murray jokes.

“Every time I’m able to introduce somebody new to it, it’s really fun to see their reaction,” he adds.