Coaches on Season 22’s The Voice shared their regrets for not turning around for one singer during the blind auditions on Tuesday (Oct. 4). Los Angeles-based school teacher and folk singer Hayley Johnson, who goes by the stage name of the Little Miss, turned out a unique rendition of “You Were Meant for Me” — a 1996 hit by Jewel.

The Little Miss, who has dubbed herself "California-country," wore a cowgirl hat and beige blazer for her performance. Coaches shared glances with each other to see whether or not one would press their red button, as the Little Miss displayed a rare low vocal range for a female artist. She hardly slipped up during her debut, as she nailed every word of the tune with confidence.

But despite giving it her all, none of the coaches turned around for the performance. However, once Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton found out who was behind the voice, they immediately regretted their decision to hold off.

“Oh my gosh! What is your name? You don’t look like the person I saw in my head,” Stefani asked.

“I was so close to hitting my button,” Shelton added. “If I could go back — it doesn’t make you feel any better, I’m sure, but if I could go back, I would. You did a great audition, and nobody turned their chair around, which is a shame — that’s on us.

“The fact that they were really close to pushing their buttons really means you should come back,” Camila Cabello told the Little Miss afterward, hoping she will return in the future to audition for the show a second time.

Unfortunately for the Little Miss, her performance came at a time when coaches were trying their best not to hit their buttons because slots are filling up quickly. When she hit the stage, Shelton and Legend only had two slots left to fill for their respective teams, while Cabello and Stefani had three. So the chance of getting a turn-around was pretty slim unless she showcased something otherworldly.

“I feel bad for her. You know, I think the Little Miss had a bad timing moment. At this point in the competition none of us are going to risk hitting our buttons unless we’re absolutely certain,” Shelton said.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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