Contrary to the song title, Georgia-raised songstress Joanna Smith is not 'Gettin' Married.' In fact, she even admits in a recent interview with us that she's not planning on getting married anytime soon. "I betrothed to my career," she happily says.

Clearly marriage was never a concern for the 22-year-old -- at least, until all of her best friends started getting hitched, and then she didn't have time to work on her debut album.

"We were discussing when we were going to get back together to write again," Smith explains to Taste of Country about working with songwriting pals Jeffrey Steele and Tom Hambridge. "They kept throwing out dates, and every date they threw out I couldn’t make it because I had to go home and go to another wedding, or a baby shower, or something like that."

"I just was like, ‘What. Is. Up. This is just ridiculous. All my girlfriends are gettin’ married.’ Jeff [Steele], who is just the songwriting pro, was like, ‘Stop right there. That’s our song.’"

The idea came just as easily as the writing of lyrics that followed. "That was a pretty quick song,' Smith admits. "I think [we wrote it in], at most, an hour-and-a-half." And with a defiant, sassy twang, Smith delivers an uptempo single about coming to terms with all of her friends "dressing in white" and "dropping like flies."

"I ain’t ready for a new last name / I don’t wanna be nobody’s ball and chain / The reason for a Friday night poker game," Smith belts.

But regardless of how many times she served as bridesmaid, she still managed to finish her debut album, which comes out next year. Her next single, 'Georgia Mud,' will be released Feb. 7, 2011. Check out our recent interview with her, where she dishes about her favorite tracks off the album, as well as touring with Blake Shelton and Josh Thompson.

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