Today's top tweet comes from Joanna Smith, who, along with Jake Owen and Josh Kelley, paid a visit to St. Jude Children's Hospital this afternoon. The country stars were able to spend time with the children at the hospital, and Smith tweeted about a very special patient that she met. Taste of Country's next pick comes from BomShel's Kristy Osmunson. Osmunson was debating on giving up television after going on a viewing binge of bad cable shows. The last blurb that was circulated throughout the Twitterverse was from the Randy Rogers Band. The group will be performing on 'The Tonight Show' this evening, and they couldn't help but tweet a picture of Leno's ultra-cool Batmobile-esque car. Read today's Twitter highlights from @FarmgirlJoanna, @bomshel and @rrbchoir and make sure to follow us at @tastecountry.