Joe Nichols recently announced on his Twitter account that his wife Heather was expecting the couple's second child. Now, he's revealing that they'll be buying pink because it's another girl for the Nichols family!

The couple's second child is due on May 20 and this is Nichols' third daughter! He has a two-year-old little girl with wife Heather and a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

“It’s another girl,” Nichols tells People. “I’m so outnumbered. I am toast!”

Nichols recently celebrated his youngest daughter, Dylan River's, second birthday and even donned a tiara for the occasion. Turns out there isn't much Nichols won't do for his little girls.

“We had a party at Granny’s house," he explains. "It was a princess party. I never expected to wear a tiara but when the 2-year-old birthday girl says, ‘Wear this, Daddy,’ I do it!”

Dylan may be disappointed when she realizes her country singing father is having a girl. She was hoping for a new puppy. “She points to Heather’s belly and says, ‘Puppy!’”

The couple are grateful for the news that they're having a baby -- no matter what gender. They've had a difficult time getting pregnant and Heather experienced five miscarriages before Dylan was born.

“[This baby is] a second miracle. Heather had to go through all that again -- the appointments and treatments -- but she is feeling great, getting big and the baby is moving like crazy."

“We got some great images on the sonogram last week and it’s so reassuring to see that," the 'Yeah' singer says. "We are incredibly fortunate to have Dylan, and now to be expecting our second so soon, we are thankful and so happy Dylan will have a little sister to grow up with.”

Nichols is currently on tour but will be taking time off to welcome his third daughter -- family comes first for the singer.