Little Indiana stealing the show last night. (Julie)

Posted by Joey and Rory on Sunday, August 9, 2015

Husband and wife duo Joey + Rory Feek have been navigating a tough road lately as Joey fights off cancer for the second time, but that hasn’t stopped them from connecting with fans and even performing together on their home turf.

At Sunday night's (Aug. 9) show, the tiniest member of the Feek family got a chance to show off her charisma on stage just before bed time.

The audience was totally charmed by little Indiana, whom Joey held (though she admitted she isn’t supposed to due to her frail condition) to address the crowd for a moment before going to sleep.

“It’s time for you to go night-night,” Joey said sweetly to her girl, who hugged her mother’s neck in response as the crowd "aww"ed. “Can you say goodbye to everybody? Wave goodbye!"

Indiana took her cue immediately, waving her biggest wave and smiling ear to ear for the crowd, who erupted into laughter and cheers.

The band has been keeping fans posted on Joey’s progress with their family blog, which Rory updated Aug. 6 to say that though Joey had a period of low weight after her recent surgery, she is on the up-and-up, gaining weight and starting to feel better.

Joey will begin another round of chemotherapy soon, but will be able to stay close to home in Newnan, Ga. Until then, the couple is enjoying time at home, playing music together and the normal every day.

“The hospital and their staff at CTCA have been incredible, but there’s nothing more healing than being at home in your own bed, surrounded by the things and the people you love,” Rory says. “We’ve spent lots of evenings on our back deck watching the sun go down over Joey’s garden, talking about the future and thanking God for all the ways that we are blessed.”

Fans can keep up with the Feeks' family via the band’s Facebook page or on the blog, This Life I Live.

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