Ever since Kenny Chesney released 'All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan,' island flavored Christmas songs have become more popular then second helpings at Christmas dinner. Joey and Rory offer their take on a non-traditional Christmas with 'Let It Snow (Somewhere Else)' from the newly released 'A Farmhouse Christmas' album.

"We'll string lights on a palm tree / Pretend this beach chair is a sleigh / Build man a snow man out of sand / And let the waves wash him away / While back home they're going door to door / We'll go caroling bar to bar / And they can just ask Jimmy Buffett / If they wanna know where we are," the married couple sing. Yes, we get it. People celebrate differently in tropical locations, and us northerners (by comparison) like to complain about the cold.

Let it snow somewhere else / We can still sing 'Jingle Bells' / With our toes stuck in the sand / And a pair of mojitos in our hand / It's a wonderful time of year / When it's 85 and the sky is clear / So let it snow (somewhere else) / Let it snow (somewhere else) / Let it snow / Just not here," they sing.

Joey and Rory's take on this oft-told tale is cute but all too familiar to be worth recommending. Perhaps Taste of Country readers who live closer to the equator can verify if any of these portrayals of an island Christmas are indeed accurate. Or perhaps our tropical friends sing ironic versions of songs like 'White Christmas' and 'Baby It's Cold Outside.'

Listen to Joey and Rory, 'Let It Snow (Somewhere Else)'