Joey + Rory posted a sweet update to Facebook on Tuesday morning (Feb. 9), sharing a photo of a visit they had from two very special friends on Monday night (Feb. 8).

The photo depicts Joey Feek in her bed, as two old friends visit and pray with her.

"Blessed w/ a beautiful visit and time of prayer last night from our sweet friends Mike & Sally Rosser. Mike is the pastor who married us almost 14 years ago," Rory writes on Facebook.

Joey was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in June of 2015, and after a long and painful battle, she finally decided to end her treatments after doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. She is in hospice care in her hometown of Alexandria, Ind., as she faces the end of her life, surrounded by friends and family. Rory has been chronicling the couple's ups and downs both on social media and with regular posts to his blog, This Life I Live, and fans from around the world have rallied around the couple as they bravely face their difficult times with inspiring faith and dignity.

The couple will release their final album, a collection of gospel standards titled Hymns That Are Important to Us, on Feb. 12. Joey was insistent that they complete the recordings while she was still strong enough, even singing some of the vocals in between treatments in her hotel room. She hopes the songs of faith will touch others as much as they have helped her in her cancer fight.

“People every day who don’t have cancer who are dealt with trials or family issues or whatever it might be … we need Him,” she says. “It doesn’t matter what it is, and when we think that we can get by on our own, we’re so wrong.”

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