Nashville songwriter Tyler Hayes has written and recorded “Joey’s Song,” a piano-driven ballad inspired by Joey + Rory singer Joey Martin Feek’s battle with cancer. Hayes says he considers the song to be her song, and plans to donate 100 percent of proceeds from its sale on iTunes to a charity of her choice.

Hayes revealed the song on YouTube one month ago, but it’s begun to get noticed by the masses in recent days. The video is now up to 111,000 views (as of Dec. 18). In first introducing the song to his fans on Facebook, Hayes explained how he’s followed Feek’s story closely and was inspired to write the song “as a voice for those who know the time is coming soon when they are going to leave their family behind.”

“I wanted this song to be a way of saying that even though my physical body may be gone, my spirit will never leave you. You will never have to live a day without me, because I will be there with you in some shape or form.”

Lyrically “Joey’s Song” is a tear-jerker. Images of Joey Martin Feek with her family and friends play over the audio on YouTube as the harmonica and piano prop him up to sing: “I’m not gonna leave you / Lost and lonely / I hope it makes your heart smile / When you think about me / I’ll be right beside you / As you go about your day / And if you ever need me / I’ll be just a prayer away / So please don’t think that we’re through / Because I’m not gonna leave you.”

Feek is currently in home hospice as she receives treatment to ease the pain caused by end-stage cancer. She made the decision to end medical treatment in October, and has been spending the last several weeks at home, or at her parent’s home in Indiana. The 40-year-old and her husband’s journey is beautifully told through Rory Feek’s This Life I Live blog. In recent days she's said it's her goal to live through February. The couple's daughter turns two on Feb. 17.

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