John David Kent spoke with Taste of Country about 'My Girl' -- the new single from John David Kent and the Dumb Angels, and how the song is growing rapidly in popularity thanks to dedicated fans in the band's home state of Texas.

"'My Girl' is being received really well, and I'm just sort of going off of people's reaction at shows when we play it," Kent says, adding that the music video was chosen as 'New Video of the Week' on CMT last year. "That was the song that really started opening doors and changing things locally for us. It's just the power of FM radio, and I think the loyalty of Texas country music fans -- they have their radio stations that they tune into to hear new artists, you know? It's definitely the song right now that most people identify with us."

'My Girl' is a catchy Texas country song about a different kind of girl -- the kind who drinks beer, dips Copenhagen and generally, just does her own thing. As JDK and the Dumb Angels describe quite clearly in the catchy country-pop chorus:

"My girl climbs in on my side / Sits in the middle / Comes unwound when she hears 'Cherokee Fiddle' / She's got more mud on her boots than all of them frat boy cowboys do / And that says a lot."

Kent says he's most pleased that guys and girls alike can identify with, or know someone like, the girl in the song. "I've been really blessed to turn out a song like that, that people can relate to because, really, that's what it's all about -- to find that balance between something you're happy with, but also something that people can relate to."

"I was raised on the radio just like a lot of other people, so I like those, for lack of a better word, pop aspects of that song in particular. Right out of the gate it has these hooks and these things that make it sound like it's a radio song."

'My Girl' appears on the upcoming debut album from John David Kent and the Dumb Angels. Kent says the band is hoping to leak a song per week starting in March, until the record's scheduled May 2011 release date.

Listen to John David Kent and the Dumb Angels, 'My Girl'