Josh Abbott, lead singer of the Josh Abbott Band, proposed to his girlfriend Taylor, but it's who helped him that's a must-see. The Texas country singer announced the news on Thursday (July 20) on social media.

A photo of the couple's newborn daughter Emery Farryn shows the two-month-old wearing a "Mommy will you marry Daddy?" onesie. Where do you even get something like that?!

Of course she said yes, because when your little girl makes that request you pretty much have to, right? Emery was born on May 5, just weeks after Abbott shared that Taylor was expecting with fans on social media. The name means "brave adventure."

"We wanted to do something similar with a girl name to how my brother named his daughter Eisley Dawn, which means 'Cheerful Beginnings,'" Abbott said in a press release. “And the word ‘brave’ is a word I used to describe Taylor in a song I wrote for her, ‘I’m Your Only Flaw,’ on the new album coming out this year."

Since the baby was born Abbott has gushed publicly on her, even posting a too-cute video of him singing to her. He admits it's his favorite thing to do before beginning Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful."

The marriage will be the singer's second following a divorce from wife Amanda, whom he publicly admitted to cheating on in 2014. His latest Front Row Seat album dives into some of those misdeeds and heartaches.

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