In a stunningly honest series of tweets, Josh Abbot Band frontman Josh Abbott revealed he’s cheated on his wife, struggled with alcohol abuse and "lost myself as an accountable human being." Stunned fans responded with words of support and disappointment.

Abbott confessed his sins in nearly a dozen tweets. Combined, they read like this:

At some point down the road, I'm going to write a letter to you all that needs to be written...for right now, I have a few things to say: I have not been the Christian husband that I needed to be in my marriage. I have destroyed my marriage through multiple problems, including: problems w/ alcohol abuse, infidelity, and language. Somewhere along the last several years I have lost myself as an accountable human being. The temptations that we as artists and celebrities face are unreal to many of you. But regardless, I have to own up to my mistakes as a man. I'm 22 days sober and hope that I can continue to control my addictions. I want to be an honorable and godly man and this is the first step. I hope the songs I have written have inspired you and given you feelings because that's why we do what we do. That part is real. What hasn't been real is the perception that my marriage is perfect & I'm an incredible husband. I'm not. I hope all of you reading this will understand that the only things that truly matter in life are your relationships w/ family, friends, & God. Be better. Please pray for us in this time.

Being a celebrity doesn't give us the right to treat our marriages with disrespect. At some point someone has to say it's not okay!

After reading responses, both Abbott and his wife sent tweets to fans. "Please stop saying you respect me," the singer said. "I'm not someone you should respect. I've cheated on my wife. That's as low as a person can get. Just pray.”

According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Amanda Abbott tweeted back: “Please do not applaud him for his honesty. He’s been lying to me for 7 years.” Her Twitter page at @ASouthernHippie has since been deleted.

Josh and Amanda were married in 2010. The song ‘She’s Like Texas’ is about her. The Josh Abbott Band have multiple hits on the Texas Music Charts and have been one of the most consistent live and recorded bands out of Texas since debuting with 'Scapegoat' in 2008. ‘She Will Be Free’ from the 'Small Town Family Dream’ album is the group’s most recent single. They’ve also scored a minor hit on the Billboard country charts with ‘Oh, Tonight,’ a collaboration with Kacey Musgraves.

A final tweet from the singer is below:

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