Josh Kelley is bringing new music to his fans via a video blog he began this week. The singer shared a video of himself playing a new song called 'Best of Me' on Friday, and an acoustic version of the song 'Naleigh Moon,' from his most recent album, on Thursday. He indicated there will be plenty more to come, as he makes it a goal to write at least one new song each week.

'Best of Me' is a soft tribute to a woman who stands by her man when he's at his weakest. "They can talk behind my back and lie about me / Take my money take my pride," Kelley sings as he picks an acoustic guitar. "But they can't get the best of me, the best of me, the best of me / But they can't get the best of me, the best of me, the best of me / Cause I got you / Cause I got you." The video is stylized in a Kennedy-assassination sort of way that adds drama to the performance.

'Naleigh Moon' is about his daughter with actress Katherine Heigl. The little girl is adopted, and Kelley said he wrote the song when she was still "a sack of potatoes" at nine months old. He hinted that it may be the next single from his 'Georgia Clay' album, which is in stores now.

Kelley filmed the 'Naleigh Moon' video while on the road with Taylor Swift. He shot the scene in Edmonton, Alberta, which means it was recorded either Aug. 18 or 19. Kelley also toured with Miranda Lambert this summer, and sings back up on her latest hit 'Baggage Claim.'

Watch Josh Kelley Sing 'Best of Me'

Watch Josh Kelley Perform 'Naleigh Moon'