Josh Kelley has released new music for the first time in five years, and his "It's Your Move" music video is one to remember. Directed by and starring wife Katherine Heigl, the sexy, but somber mini-movie reflects the desperation of a relationship hanging by its last thread, which Kelley says was inspired by a real life fight the couple got into.

Rather than having someone else portray the emotional conflict, Kelley says Heigl was the only one for the job. “It would have been ridiculous (to have) our fight, our moment being anybody else … trying to portray it,” he tells Taste of Country.

The video takes place in an industrial-chic studio apartment, opening on a devastated-looking Heigl staring into the distance while Kelley sits at the piano to start the tune. The song tells the story from the point of view of a man trying to figure out whether his marriage is ending and how to fight for it. He asks what his significant other wants him to do: “Do you want me to stop you? Should I make a scene, throw my beer at the wall?” After declaring he still loves her, he puts the ball in her court: “If you want this as bad as I do, it’s your move,” he sings in the hook.

Graceful dancers soon appear, displaying through their movements the inner conflict between the couple as Kelley sings. A new scene begins in with the lovers in a happier time: Heigl in barely-there white lingerie with Kelley on the bed, shifting into sexy scenes of them together, which he says was actually her idea.

“That is her, which is crazy. She pushed the boundaries on this. She’s a sexy girl so if you got it, flaunt it I guess,” he says.

Soon we are back to the present with the couple at odds, interspersed with scenes of the two fighting. It ends on an ambiguous note,with Heigl starting to leave but being halted by one of the dancers representing her inner self. She stares at Kelley as the music fades.

Though he may be slightly biased, Kelley says that Heigl was a fantastic director.

"She’s the best director I ever worked with,” he gushes. Check out the full video above.

The song is Kelley’s first single off his upcoming new record New Lane Road, slated for release April 22. He is headed out on tour with his brother Charles Kelley on The Driver tour starting in April.

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