Nine times out of 10, you find a female artist singing a song like Josh Kelley’s “It’s Your Move,” but that’s only part of what makes it a compelling listen.

The piano-heavy ballad has Kelley asking his lover to commit. He’s not pleading or threatening. He’s out of tears as he states his case and matter-of-factly asks for a response. The emotion is braided around every note the singer sings. Through his confidence and conviction you can hear vulnerability and pain. It’s all very real.

The song was inspired by real life, but little is exaggerated in this drama. A Katherine Heigl-directed music video adds flare, but all you will hear through the radio is one talented vocalist struggling to control his tears as he reaches up for the highest notes in the chorus. Men are on the receiving end of ultimatums more often than the giving, but Kelley's self-produced track proves flaws are universal.

“It’s Your Move” will be found on the New Lane Road album (April 22), Kelley's first new album in five years.

Did You Know?: Kelley wrote this song after about a big fight he had with wife Katherine Heigl.

Listen to Josh Kelley, “It’s Your Move”

Josh Kelley, “It’s Your Move” Lyrics:

“Walk out the door, go on do it / Stop bringing me down / You make all these threats, you don’t mean ‘em / Stop playing me now / Wake up, wake up / Don’t screw this up”

“Do you want me to stop you / Should I make a scene / Throw my beer at the wall / Do you want me to scream / That I don’t really love you / Because I really do / Girl I don’t want to fight / I’ve got nothing to prove / If you want this as bad as I do / It’s your move”

“If our ship’s going down I don’t care / I just wanna be on it / Cause we built something beautiful here / And God, I still want it / Yeah, wake up, wake up / Don’t give this up”

“If you’re gonna leave then just leave / I don’t want you to / I don’t want you to”

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