After four long years of waiting, Josh Thompson fans will finally have their own copy of the songs on Change: The Lost Record, Volume One EP. Originally recorded in 2011 with RCA Records, the album went into hiding after the artist and label parted ways. Thompson played the songs live, but has not been able to release the recordings until now.

“It’s been soul cleansing to finally be able to share this music with my fans,” says the country singer. “I think if there’s one thing people can cling to it’s their beliefs and their way of life, I think people need that simplicity in country music and that was my goal with this record."

The album is part of a two-EP series and officially releases digitally Oct. 9. Thompson, who has written songs cut by artists like Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Gary Allan, Darius Rucker and Joe Nichols, co-wrote each track on the new EP.

Thompson’s most recent full-length record, Turn It Up, came out in 2014 and earned a slot on the Top 10 on the Billboard Country Albums chart. His debut album, 2009’s Way Out Here, achieved the same honor. Thompson has earned several Top 40 hits in his lengthy career, including “Way Out Here,” “Beer on the Table,” and “Won’t Be Lonely Long."

The long-awaited release of the Change EP is a result of Thompson's new deal with ole Digital, the world's fastest-growing independent rights company, covering digital distribution rights.

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