Josh Thompson has a heart of gold, which he proved in front of the camera recently. One fan couldn't make the singer's show due to a surgery, so Thompson filmed her a special message.

A disappointed fan sent Thompson a message on Facebook, telling him that she wasn't able to make his concert in Boston because she was having surgery instead.

“Can you just sing to me personally since I just got my appendix out and can’t go?!” she asked on his official page. Thompson obliged.

In a video message, the singer sent the fan, Trisha, a message and sang her a little snippet of his song 'Wanted Me Gone.' He cleverly sang it from her appendix's standpoint, since it was being removed.

"Hey Trisha, it's Josh Thompson," he says in the special video, which he posted just for her. "I'm sorry to hear about your appendix surgery and sorry you couldn't make it to the show, but from your appendix's standpoint, I just wanted to sing you this."

He sang a portion of his song, adding, "I hope you get better soon." We do, too! Get well soon, Trisha.

As for Thompson, he is currently on tour, and if you're lucky enough to not have to have your appendix out, you can check him out live through October. Full tour dates are listed on his website.

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