While Josh Thompson is now on the road for his Cold Beers and Reindeers concerts, he's not taking the eight-city December tour's name to heart -- not too early in the morning, anyway.

"It’s not even noon yet!" Thompson tells Taste of Country, laughing, when we ask if he's starting the day with a cold beer to celebrate the start of the tour. "I’m gonna stick with coffee. I’ve got a bunch of things I need to do today. I’m probably gonna have one or two tonight, though."

The set of dates, which takes Thompson from Victoria, Texas all the way to a closing night in Amarillo, Texas on Dec. 18, are allowing the 'Way Out Here' singer to cover new ground and play for fans in places that he's never had the opportunity to visit.

"You know, I’ve never been to any of these towns. I’m excited to see all of ‘em and get a feel for the country music fans in each market. I’ve always heard that Texas is one of the best places to play," Thompson says.

Thompson, who's as in tune with the outdoors as he is a recording studio, hopes to make the most of any downtime on the road.

"I like to hunt and fish, and if I get some off time I also write songs. I’ll try to do one of those, or maybe all of ‘em if I get enough time," Thompson reveals.

Of course, he may be devoting some of that time to meeting new fans, too. While most of his listeners are surely a pleasure to greet, Thompson is no stranger to, well ... strange encounters.

"Last week, a woman brought me a chicken leg, like a cooked chicken leg," Thompson says. "She was so proud of it because she raised it, killed it and cooked it herself. She brought it in a baggy for me to eat … it was a little weird." To our relief, Thompson chuckles and admits, "No, I didn’t eat it."

To find out more about the Cold Beers and Reindeers tour, including dates and venue information, visit the tour's official site.

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