Josh Turner's most famous job title is country singer, but it's not his most important. When the star stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to chat recently, he couldn't help but gush about his role as a dad to four kids.

Turner has four sons — Samuel Hawke, Hampton, Colby and Marion. Samuel Hawke, or Hawke, is the clan's youngest, born in Sept. of 2014. With that much parenting experience, we asked Turner if he had any advice for expectant parents.

“I have four children now, so what it was like with our first is kind of foggy in my memory,” he says with a laugh. “Since we’ve had our fourth people ask what the hardest transition is, one to two, two to three, three to four or zero to one. That was the hardest transition because it rocks your world."

"It’s all about you and your spouse and you have this child and you can’t just go and do things you did before and you have responsibilities, it’s not just about you and your spouse anymore," he explains. "Like I say, you have a responsibility but it’s a positive life-changing responsibility.”

Turner says his sons have taught him a lot — most notably, his patience has grown since welcoming his first child.

"People have said throughout history that you learn more from your child than they learn from you and that’s so true," he says. "You learn who you really are, and having our first child really changed me. It showed me that I was a pretty impatient person prior to having a child and having that child taught me patience … I started looking at life through his eyes and just tried to make everything more simple.”

Turner is currently promoting his latest single, "Hometown Girl," which was released this summer.

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