Josh Turner is known for is his ability to croon with the best of them. That fact still rings true on his new album, Deep Southparticularly on "Never Had a Reason" and "Wonder," two tracks Turner calls the most compelling on the record.

"Those two songs I think really kind of evoke a lot of emotion," Turner says.

"Never Had a Reason" tells the story of a man who believes his life is full until he meets the love of his life, who completely changes his perception. "When he falls in love, he realizes that there's so much more to life than what he was experiencing, what he was living," the singer explains. "Life took on a whole new meaning.”

Like "Never Had a Reason," "Wonder" is another poignant song that explores the depths of love. Turner calls it a "bittersweet song" that finds the narrator reflecting on a past relationship, wondering what life would be like had it worked out.

"[It's] a story about a guy who, in his quiet moments and free time, is thinking back on a failed relationship and wondering, 'What if? What if I was still in that, I wonder if she thinks about me when she's in her quiet moment,'" Turner relates. "I think anybody who's ever been through a failed relationship can relate to things in this song. It's just kind of a nostalgic kind of thing. I feel like fans can really get lost in it if they allow themselves to."

Both songs, in addition to the first single "Hometown Girl," are included on Turner's new album, Deep South, which he released on March 10.

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