All Josh Turner's three sons know is music. While their father is one of country music's hottest male stars, their mother is also very musical, playing piano and singing background vocals for her husband. So life on the road is nothing new to Hampton (6), Colby (3) and Marion, who turned two on Dec. 12.

"We haven't been home much this year at all," Turner tells Taste of Country with laughter. "Our home has been the bus here lately. We've just been traveling everywhere together and having a great time...We've just been having a string of great shows. We've been trying to enjoy it."

Turner says that he and his family have found the right way to balance it all over the past six years on how to make life on the road with three children work alongside his hectic music career and touring schedule commitments.

"We've kind of been in a groove for quite a while, but there are times that it's pretty challenging, depending on what my schedule is asking of me," notes the singer-songwriter. "This year has been probably the busiest year since '04, but it's been a good year. We've had a lot of opportunities come along that we couldn't pass up, so we unfortunately have had to cram a lot of things into one year, but like I said, it's been a great year. Having a No. 1 album debut and the Cracker Barrel album debut in the Top 10 and [our single] 'Time Is Love' has done really well ... it's been good. There have been a lot of great things come my way."

As far as the future for his sons, Turner says anything can happen -- although he sees them following an artistic path in life.

"There's no telling," says Turner. "All three of them seem to be artistic in some kind of way. Our oldest is very much into art... drawing and coloring and painting and anything artistic like that. He does have musical skills, but who knows what he'll end up doing. But all three of them are love being around music, but it's still kind of too early to tell."

Turner will head back out on the road in the new year for more touring in support of his latest album, 'Punching Bag,' and its current single, 'Find Me a Baby.'

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