The irony of Josh Turner's 'Time Is Love' video is that by the end, everyone has listened to the singer's message except for the singer. The just-released clip ends with Turner alone in gym shorts on a dark basketball court. All of his friends have gone home to the women and families that they love.

In reality, the famously deep-voiced country crooner is the perfect choice to sing this song, as he has always been a father to Hampton, Colby and Crawford and husband to Jennifer before a famous country star. The video for 'Time Is Love' will remind men to leave work at work because there is a good woman -- and perhaps even a couple of kids -- waiting for you at home. The other actors are frequently getting text messages throughout the day that read "miss you" or similar sentiments.

It's been awhile since the 'Your Man' singer has released a music video, and a few fans may be surprised by the smile lines and crow's feet carved into the 34-year-old's face. It's difficult to argue that the signs of age add anything but credibility to his message. After all, great country stars -- like fine wine -- tend to only get better with age.

Watch the Josh Turner 'Time Is Love' Video

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