Justin Moore enjoyed the 2013 CMA Awards like the rest of us, but he wasn't on stage presenting. He also wasn't on stage performing. And fans, along with Moore, are asking why he was so noticeably absent.

It's not that the 'Point at You' singer doesn't want to attend the CMAs -- he definitely wouldn't pass up the opportunity. But the opportunity simply has never come his way.

Moore opened up on Twitter, explaining to his fans: "For all you loyal, wonderful fans of mine. You keep askin' why you never see me on awards shows. I feel like I owe you a response. Truth is I have no idea. I would love for you to have the opportunity to see me on that stage. And be on that stage."

"As of yet, I've not been asked," he reveals. "Nonetheless, you have given me a blessed life and career, which I'm thankful for. I owe that to you guys and COUNTRY RADIO!"

Adds the country hitmaker, "If awards come to me down the road, great. If not, that's fine too. No matter what, I have you all. I have those sold out arenas on the road. I have the opportunity to play my music across the country for a living thanks to country music. Thank you for your passion. I love you all."

Although it's incredibly puzzling why Moore is literally kept in the dark -- and out of the spotlight -- at awards shows, he seems to be handling it in stride by keeping what really matters in focus: his family. The singer heartwarmingly informed fans that despite the circumstances, he has the best prize of all.

"Plus, my 4 year old just told me I'm her Entertainer of the Year," Moore shares. "That's better than any trophy...:) See y'all #offthebeatenpath..God bless."

Moore will have plenty of chances to be in the spotlight over the next few months, as he's currently on his second headlining tour, a whopping 57-date road run. He's also nominated for two awards at the 2013 American Country Awards, which air Dec. 10 on FOX.

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