Kacey Musgraves has a definite flair for retro country styles and rootsy music, but did you know she once actually covered a Hank Williams song?

In 2007, 18-year-old Musgraves appeared on Season 5 of the reality singing competition Nashville Star, which discovered such stars as Miranda Lambert and Chris Young. For her performance in the second episode, she chose the Williams classic "You Win Again," a traditional heartbreak lament that has been covered by other country singers many times.

Her performance didn't connect with the judges. "Kacey... I don't know. That great Hank Williams song... I'm concerned it's too mature," Alabama singer Randy Owen said. "It.. I don't think you've lived that song." Musgraves replied, "I've been cheated on before," but Owen wasn't buying it. "But I didn't believe it when you sang it," he said.

"Kacey, I think you might be doing the Texas two-step, because last week you took one step forward, and this week you took two steps back," Anastasia Brown said, while Blake Shelton added, " I gotta go with the Texas thing. You know what I missed this week, is the girl that was here last week, from Texas, that I could see that in. And I didn't see that this week. So, bring her back. Bring Texas girl back."

Musgraves was eliminated the following week, and placed seventh overall. Most fans don't even remember that she ever competed on the show — which is just fine with her.

“It’s probably a good thing that people don’t remember me from that time period,” Musgraves tells Yahoo! Music with a laugh. “I was very young and figuring myself out musically and personally. It was a great platform to get myself kind of accustomed to being in the industry and seeing what it was like being away from my tiny little hometown in Texas.”

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