That's a way to kick off an audition! American Idol contestant Kason Lester, who is a full-time farmer, brought his own home-grown strawberries and other treats to judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie on the show's March 6 episode.

Lester is a Lebanon, Tenn. resident who is a full-time farmer—mostly harvesting strawberries at the farm he runs with his brother. As one might imagine, the judges were not opposed to "bribery," in terms of his wares, as Perry put it.

Lester admitted that he loves the farm life, but doesn't want to do it when he's 80, His true passion is music: "If I make it to Hollywood, the farm will be just fine, I can promise you that," he noted. "My little brother, he'll hold down the fort. So I'm totally ready for [this]."

Lester performed a rendition of Chris Janson's "Holdin' Her" for his audition. Richie immediately sang his praises, loving his growl and storytelling voice. Perry was already munching on his (berry good) goodies when she said that he is top 10 material, and that he may be just be her personal crush of the season.

Bryan was more critical, offering, "So, listen, I really know the Janson song, and I really don't think you delivered the guitar convincingly. But your delivery with your voice was really where you shine—to where you could develop into somebody that does really well.."

Lester will be going through to Hollywood, with Perry begging for more strawberries and goodies.

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