Warning to all potential suitors: Rising country star Kassi Ashton isn't someone you want to mess around with. Ghosters, cheaters, and all-around bad boys? This isn't the woman for you, as she details in her new song "Taxidermy."

Anyone who treats Ashton bad is going to pay. Like, really pay. "You'll be my taxidermy, if you ever hurt me again," she warns, adding she'll happily hang that guy on her bedroom wall after she's stuffed him...or even "strap you to my Chevy Impala." Phew!

Of course, despite the ominous lyrics, the tune is a catchy concoction, composed of Ashton's irresistibly swaggering vocals and a slinky guitar line.

“I knew the second I heard ‘Taxidermy’ I had to have it,” Ashton said in a press release about the song. “It’s the perfect second piece of me. Dad used to always say he didn’t have to take a gun to the door when my date came—I had my own.”

Ashton has been receiving plenty of attention for her fiery, not-easy-to-categorize style, which has drawn comparisons to Adele and Amy Winehouse. "I’m not trying to fit a mold," she says. "I’m trying to make a mold of myself that other people can slip into."

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