Keith Urban’s "Blue Ain’t Your Color" features some of the smartest lyrics of the singer’s career. It’s poetry set to a soulful country swing, delivered with Urban’s most yearning accent.

“Blue Ain’t Your Color” is a song for Urban’s purest fans. The tender ballad is a reflection of where he is in life and love — joy from a successful 10-year marriage rains all over the Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary Lindsey and Clint Lagerberg-written pick-me-up. The 48-year-old Urban cheering someone up in a way that will make most women forget why they were blue by the chorus.

And the story couldn’t be simpler. Urban’s phrasing and the sparse arrangement are what allow every image to bleed through the speakers. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” is a reminder that while Urban is praised for his guitar skills and artistry, he can stand up and sing like anyone in the format. Few are as emotionally empathetic as this superstar, something he proves on this fourth single from Ripcord.

Did You Know?: "Blue Ain't Your Color" is the first single Urban has released since the release of Ripcord. The previous three all came prior to the album's release.

Listen to Keith Urban, "Blue Ain’t Your Color"

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Keith Urban's "Blue Ain’t Your Color" Lyrics:

“I can see you over there / Staring at your drink / Watchin’ that ice sink / All alone tonight / And chances are / You’re sittin’ here in this bar / ‘Cause he ain’t gonna treat you right / Well, it’s probably not my place / But I’m gonna say it anyway / ‘Cause you look like / You haven’t felt the fire / Had a little fun / Hadn’t had a smile in a little while / Baby …”

“Blue looks good on the sky / Looks good on that neon buzzin’ on the wall / But darling, it don’t match your eyes / I’m tellin’ you / You don’t need that guy / It’s so black and white / He’s stealin’ your thunder / Baby, blue ain’t your color.”

“I’m not tryna / Be another just pick you up kinda guy / Tryna drink you up / Tryna take you home / But I just don’t understand / How another man can take your sun and turn it ice cold.”

“Well, I’ve had enough to drink and it’s makin’ me think that I just might / Tell you if I were a painter I wouldn’t change ya / I’d just paint you bright.”

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