Keith Urban’s “Break on Me” finds the superstar playing a new role. For the first time in his career, he’s the solid oak tree a lover can lean upon during difficult times. One can't help but wonder if he was drawn to the song in the wake of real-life tragedy.

Previously Urban’s ballads have been of love lost or love shared, or maybe shared gratitude. Songwriters Ross Copperman and Jon Nite have penned a song that gives voice to anyone wanting their loved ones to know there’s a waiting shoulder to cry on.

“There will be days / Your heart don’t wanna beat / You’ll pray more than you breathe / And you’ll just wanna fall to pieces / And nights with 2AM calls / Where dreams become walls / And you just need a break,” Urban sings to begin the tender, comforting country track from an upcoming album.

In September 2014 Urban’s wife Nicole Kidman’s father died, forcing the singer right into this role. Time (and a few inquiries) will reveal if the event inspired Urban’s attraction to this song, but his passionate, personal performance is a sign of confirmation. The chorus goes:

“Break on me / Shatter like glass / Come apart in my hands / Take as long as it takes girl / Break on me / Put your hand on my chest / Let me help you forget / When your heart needs to break, just break on me.”

Copperman and Nite have written a nuanced love song that recalls specific moments in one's life while remaining somewhat open-ended. Urban’s approach is what makes the song special, however. It’s understated and accessible, like an open-handed invitation that brings the grieving in for a cathartic hug.

Key Lyrics: "When your heart needs to break, just break on me."

Did You Know?: Urban will perform with John Mellencamp during the 2015 CMA Awards in Nashville on Nov. 4.

Listen to Keith Urban, “Break on Me”

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