Keith Urban's 'Fuse' album is full of creative risks that fall back on strong songwriting and unique perspective. A song about falling in love in the back of a police car? That's never been done before. In 'Cop Car,' the superstar finds a way to make his narrative relatable to even the most law-abiding romantic.

A quasi-electronic musical intro introduces the ballad as something different than anything you'll find on the radio. The sexy beat adds a little smoke to this white-hot story. "We thought we had all night / There was no need to rush / That's when those cops / Came pulling up / And I thought man, ain't this some shhhh," Urban sings to wrap the first verse.

His voice comes dipped in some remorse or hurt, like this is a memory he's singing alone. She's the one that got away, or the one that wasn't quite right, but sure was a lot of fun. Perhaps that's where Urban makes the emotional connection.

"But there was somethin’ ‘bout the way / The blue lights were shinin’ / Bringing out the freedom in your eyes / I was too busy watching you / Going wild child to be worried about going to jail," he sings during the chorus. "You were thinking that running for it / Would make a good story / I was thinking you were crazy as hell / And you were so innocent / But you were stealing my heart / I fell in love in the back of a cop car."

Lyrics like "By the time they let us go / I was already gone" and one or two others will knock your knees out. Midway through this ballad, the unconventional production slips to the background, as it should. It's the perfect moody atmosphere for a complicated love song.

Key Lyrics: "Man, they weren't playin’ / They sure threw those cuffs on quick / You tried to sweet talk 'em / They didn't fall for it / But I did"

Did You Know?: Keep an eye on songwriter Zach Crowell. He wrote or co-wrote Scotty McCreery's 'See You Tonight,' Will Hoge's 'Strong' and Sam Hunt's 'Raised on It' in addition to 'Cop Car.' He also picked up a Grammy in 2013 for Gospel Album of the Year for writing and producing a song called 'Confe$$ions.'

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