Seven rising country women teamed up to cover Keith Urban's "Female," and the result is an unexpected, perhaps unexplainable, three minutes of harmony and emotion.

If criticism of "Female" took any air out of the conversation the songwriters were trying to begin, then this cover puts it back. Taste of Country RISERS act Kalie Shorr leads a group of Song Suffragettes artists including Lena Stone, Kim Paige,Lacy Cavalier, Lacy Green and Tenille Arts in a cover that celebrates what the group means to them.

That Nashville's largest all-female singer-songwriter collective is putting a stamp of approval on a song some have considered simplistic is important. There are 15 artists listed in the credits for this music video, and all of them are young, rising females in Music City who've achieved various levels of success. "Female" is important to these women.

Kelsea Ballerini and actress Reese Witherspoon have also publicly championed the song. Co-writer Nicolle Galyon says the trio of writers wrote it with females in their lives in mind, not because they wanted to write a #MeToo anthem in a post-Harvey Weinstein world.

"I couldn't be less inspired by Harvey Weinstein," "Female" writer Galyon tells Taste of Country. "It was purely for us wanting to say something. Then it just happened that the perfect artist wanted to say it, too."

"I got a text yesterday from a friend who said, 'My wife is dilated at 9 inches and she's about to push and she just asked for them to play 'Female' because that's what she wants ... when she delivers our baby girl," Galyon explained during an interview about the writing of the song. "She wanted to feel empowered."

Each Song Suffragettes show ends with a cover song, but this one demanded more. The video was created in cooperation with Live Your Dream, an organization that is dedicated to ensuring everyone woman and girl has the opportunity to reacher her full potential, live free from violence and live her dreams.

These Women Epitomize Girl Power!

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