Over the years, Keith Urban has shown that he's not only a singing superstar but he can succeed in anything he dabbles with. In fact, he's had experience with a 'Little Bit of Everything.' The country crooner is a great 'American Idol' judge, has enviable style, and is now getting into the greeting card business. 

Hallmark Gold Crown stores will soon offer a collection of Hallmark Keith Urban sound cards. Included are 12 cards, ranging from birthdays and friendship, to love and encouragement. Each card features the country superstar himself -- although, not in a shirtless photo-form like many of his fans are probably hoping. There will be a 15-second sound clip from some of Urban’s songs, like 'Long Hot Summer' and 'Sweet Thing.'

The singer is excited about this collaboration, saying in a statement, “For me, a card, like music, has the ability to make an emotional connection. I love knowing that these cards, and my music, will mark such meaningful moments in so many people’s lives!”

It seems that he's following fellow superstar Taylor Swift in her venture into the greeting card industry, as she's had her own line of cards for a few years now.

Fans of Urban can now have the singer be a part of the important moments of their lives -- in a very small way.