One 'American Idol' hopeful had an epic time auditioning for the show in Nashville, Tenn. recently. While country star Keith Urban provided backup vocals with Harry Connick, Jr. on Sam Smith's hit 'Stay With Me,' the contestant slow danced -- yes, slow danced -- with Jennifer Lopez and sang the ultra-romantic song.

The 'Idol' contender had just received his golden ticket and the rush of victory gave him a whole lot of confidence, as seen in this sneak peek for the new season of the show. After he got the good news of moving on, he plucked the ticket from Lopez's hand, bowed, and said, "Question for you. Would you dance with me?"

"Dance with you right now?" she asked. "What kind of dancing? My heels are really high."

The smooth singer corralled Urban into playing the guitar, and as they all moved out to the 'dance floor' -- the 'Idol' tryout area -- Connick chimed in, "I want to get in on that; come on Keith."

He added, "If you're going to dance, we're going to play."

Instead of the polite, leave-a-little-distance-between-bodies that the contestant was going for, the gorgeous pop singer opted for a close contact slow dance, complete with her head resting on the young fellow's shoulder. "That's the most fun I've had in years!" she admitted as they finished.

We're fairly certain the lucky contestant would say the same thing: a golden ticket, dance with a beautiful lady and backing band comprised of music's leading men? Sounds fun times one million to us! Season 14 of 'American Idol' begins in January 2015.

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