Keith Urban's easy, breezy single 'Little Bit of Everything' now has a video! The visuals complement the chill, laid-back and life lovin' lyrics of the song.

Urban is the video's sole star, playing his guitar in natural-looking settings, which aren't real. They're obviously screens in Urban's character's house, and that's not a fact that's hidden, suggesting that how you view things influences how you feel. If you think you're enjoying nature, green grass and the light and warmth of the sun, even if you're not actually doing that, you'll still feel good.

The star positioned in places like his backyard, on a football field, in the bleachers, in the locker room and on the wide open road throughout.

The singer and guitarist moves from location to location through doors in each place. He even finds himself in an old-fashioned black car, which sets him on the road. But he has to open the car door to get there first. The video's other theme suggests that you can open the doors of life, but you still have to decide to walk through them.

Urban wears a crooked grin the entire time, but then again, this is the type of song that inspires that in the listener, so why wouldn't it cause the same in the singer himself? Not a single highlighted hair is out of place on Urban's head as he navigates his day. Life is good, and this video furthers that notion through and through.

Urban eventually ends up with his guitar in his hands again, so the journey ends where it begins.